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Together we create
a safer world
Here at futureLAB, we are making a concerted effort to build a safer future, with our software solution designed to improve digital evidence preservation for police.

Our diverse team is made up of staff aged between 25 and 55. We work closely with police forces all over the world to develop Smartpolice: a software solution for recording, managing and processing digital media.

Together we are creating a safer world. This spurs us on day after day and reinforces our close relationship with our customers.


Thanks to our wide range of talent in software development, usability and business administration, we are able to continuously develop not only the solution we offer, but also ourselves as a team. We support one another and treat our team-mates with respect. Ensuring a pleasant working environment is important to us, which is why we make the effort to get to know each other’s varying needs and interests. This means we can be genuinely responsive and help one another, whatever the situation.

Portrait photo of Annette Meier
Annette Meier


Portrait photo of Andreas Stricker
Andreas Stricker

system administration

Portrait photo of Beat Saurenmann
Beat Saurenmann

iOS development

Portrait photo of Hans Groff
Hans Groff, CEO

Managing director,

Portrait photo of Josef Weibel
Josef Weibel

Front-end development,
back-end development

Portrait photo of Manfred Stock
Manfred Stock

Back-end development,
system administration

Portrait photo of Micha Surber
Micha Surber, COO

Head of operations,
front-end development

Portrait photo of Oliver Gruber
Oliver Gruber, CDO

UX & product design,
front-end development

Portrait photo of Philipp Klaus
Philipp Klaus

Back-end development,
system administration

Portrait photo of Tina Crnjac
Tina Crnjac

system administration

Portrait photo of Urs Holzer
Urs Holzer

Front-end development,
back-end development

Our values

We nurture long-term partnerships based on trust, reliability and quality. We are curious and open to new ideas, focused on finding solutions and work together to create cutting-edge products.

Safety is our top priority, including the protection of data. We feel we have a duty, not only towards our customers but towards society as a whole. That is why our software is designed to help police conform to data protection standards and comply with deletion deadlines.

Diversity is important to us: the fact that our staff range in age from 25 to 55 is something we appreciate. We also believe it is important for a variety of interests and views to be considered. Although our team currently consists mainly of Swiss men, we are keen to change this. Our aim is to make our team more diverse to reflect the diversity found in society.

Where it all began…

In 2000 we started to digitise business processes and to develop highly scalable systems, such as solutions for managing digital media like images and videos. Our Smartpolice software was born out of a rise in demand from emergency services for solutions of this kind, and the fact that we really enjoyed working closely with them. Since 2005 we have been focusing exclusively on Smartpolice, because we believe it will help us make the world a safer place.

Portraitfoto von Matthias Aebi
Matthias Aebi
Founder and Chairman
Our working environment

Our team members distribute tasks amongst themselves and new ideas are always welcome. This enables us to constantly refine our existing processes too. We take an agile approach and share our thoughts and ideas in daily stand-up discussions and weekly sprint meetings. Of course, we also communicate via video calls, since working from home is an option we can offer at any time and working hours are flexible too.

We work with open-source software and support the community. Our server runs Debian Linux and is managed using Puppet, with Postgres used as a database. When it comes to development, we believe code quality is key, so unit tests and code reviews form an integral part of our work. We also advocate user-centred design – we develop our product for people rather than for the sake of information technology. We have factored usability principles into our development process and incorporate design reviews in our agile cycles. New functions and positions are created based on interest, dedication or market demand. Support is given to anyone specialising in a particular area, who in turn offer coaching to other team members.

Our office boasts what is arguably the highest barbecue in Winterthur with a stunning view over the city. Snacks are also provided, and coffee is available to order entirely to suit personal tastes. We also have an annual 10-day training budget, which anyone is free to use. There is a choice of working equipment on offer, including operating systems and development environments.

From taking evidence
to passing sentences

Smartpolice is a software solution for police forces and other emergency services. It is designed to help with recording, managing and processing digital media. As a modular complete solution, it makes day-to-day life easier, speeds up processes and boosts success rates – thus improving public safety both in Switzerland and beyond.

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