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Smartpolice is the complete solution for digital evidence, including photos and videos

Digital evidence, such as images and videos, are becoming increasingly important in police work. As a result, thousands of files must be archived, processed and distributed every day in a way that is tamper-proof and legal. Smartpolice is a digital evidence management solution that enables you to store and process a wide variety of digital evidence and share them across the police force. Our photo documentation functionality, with integrated image processing, saves thousands of police officers valuable time in preparing evidence every day.

In addition to digital images and videos, Smartpolice also supports video data from CCTV recordings and body cameras, files from external devices such as microscopes and scanners, audio files, HTML reports from computer forensic solutions, and much more.

Smartpolice eliminates the data and application silos of traditional media asset management solutions and supports you in your daily work, from the preservation of photographic and videographic evidence at the location of the incident, to evidence that can be used in court.

Smartpolice supports your investigation.

Smartpolice enables cases using photo or video imagery, that have something in common, to be automatically identified and linked. Along with our image-based research, this significantly increases the chances of a successful investigation.

Smartpolice also simplifies and optimises cooperation, with all parties involved working with the same files. This allows different investigators to access and view images or videos at the same time. All files are stored centrally and are protected against unauthorised access. Data protection is ensured by the consistent enforcement of project protection and deletion deadlines.

Smartpolice contributes to a successful investigation.

In providing a better overview thanks to image-based research, Smartpolice provides an important contribution to a successful investigation. Smartpolice supports process efficiency, from the central import of search reports (e.g. from the federal investigation system RIPOL) to their distribution via mobile app, and push distribution to the mobile phones belonging to police officers.

Working together for greater safety.

Images and videos can be shared with authorised people within the police agency – for writing or reading purposes only. This helps to protect existing investigation results.

Individual photo and video documentation can be approved for the fast distribution of important information required by the public prosecutor's office.

Some data must be made available to both parties in court cases. With Smartpolice, the public prosecutor can offer password protected data to such external people.

With Smartpolice, you are in control.

Images and videos can be displayed and viewed synchronously at the location and time of recording. This allows you to monitor and assess major incidents in real time. The interactive display is not only useful for cases where timing is crucial, it provides valuable information for post-processing incidents and investigations.

Existing information portals give citizens the opportunity to upload pictures and videos in the event of serious offences. Via an interface to Smartpolice, a large number of employees can then view them efficiently in order to quickly assess the situation, gain insights into the course of events and plan measures.

It's smart to use Smartpolice.

Smart Architecture

Smartpolice can be seamlessly integrated into the IT landscape of a police agency. A case management system can be connected to Smartpolice via an adapter. An investigation file can be exchanged with the public prosecutor’s office and courts (forwarding media/files accompanying media without media break).

Smart Usage

Search and investigation processes as well as cooperation within the police agency are optimally supported with few user interfaces. For example, a report can be recorded with the Smartpolice app and directly converted to text.

Smart Design

Smartpolice has been consistently developed in accordance with the user-centred design principle. The requirements of users within the police agency are at the centre of every design decision. Our customers were able to roll out Smartpolice throughout their agencies without any training.

Smart Data

In case of a well-founded suspicion, important metadata could be extracted from media files by transparently applying existing algorithms. This metadata and media files support police operations, investigations and manhunts.

Together for a safer tomorrow –
we've been developing Smartpolice in close cooperation with police forces worldwide since 2005.

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